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V pořádku

My name is Radek Moravec, and I am Czech artist. As I say, I am a complicated artist who can't focus just on one field of fine arts. My work includes photographs, where I started, graphic design, video creations, paintings and sculpture in the form of reliefs on canvas.

My work deals with the two different realities. The first meaning is reality in the form of photos of ordinary people, architecture, nature, and the second world is abstractions and emotions. The themes of my works are different. But they are linked together. I don't like to tell a lot about my art. I want people to think about the main purpose why I made it in this way and what I intend to do. I would like the others to become a part of my art. That's the reason why I create and why the art is my life forever. Like my quote says: "I don't want to live forever. I want to create something that will."