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V pořádku

Sale Concept

I have decided that I will not evaluate my art. You will do it. Each photo has its initial price, you can increased this price and show me your opinion about the quality of my work.


The Initial Price

It’s the starting price to buy my photo. The price includes printing costs, lamination, framing costs and advertising costs. I have no profit.


My profit

You will create my profit by increasing price of photos. It is the same principle like a leaving a tip in the restaurants.



When you increase the amount (You will order and pay a picture.), a photo get its own price and nobody else can buy this picture at the same price.


Increasing the cost of the photos

For example: You will pay CZK 3000 for a photo. Somebody else will pay CZK 1000 more. So your picture now has a value of CZK 4000.